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I love playing around with MMD in my free time. I love doing cover songs as well but I'm not brave enough to put them up publicly X'D
My favourite manga are Gintama and One Punch Man.

Check out my :



YouTube:… (random uploads)… (youtaite channel)


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Tagged by the beautiful DissidiaLovingTear

1. Repost the rules.
2. You have to share 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you then invent 13 questions for the people tagged.
4. Choose 13 people if you can. 
5. You are allowed to do tag-backs.
6. Be creative with your title. No "I have been tagged" things. 
7. You can't be like: "sorry i don't do tags"

That last rule is bullshit. You have your own free will :V

.: Dissidia's Questions :.

1) How long have you MMD-ed/Drawn?
  •  About 6-7 years? (That's right. I have no life)

2) What is your favorite part of the day?
  • Any time that has to do with food XD

3) Who's your top husbando/waifu?
  • Waifu would be Tenryuu (KanColle) / Husbando is Gintoki (Gin Tama)

4) What's your favorite fandom?

5) Are you a meme?????
  • :^)

6) Favorite animal?? (I hope its wolf ;;w;; )
  • Coincidentally, it is O-O

7) Are you a night owl or an early bird?
  • What is sleep?

8) Favorite video game?
  • Uhhh, does League of Legends count? No? XD

9) What do you do on your free time?
  • MMD or play League.

10) Favorite meme????
  • WHAT IS THIS QUESTION EVEN. coughgod707cough
11) What's your top goal in life?
  • Become a seiyuu...? Q u Q

12) Where do you see yourself in the future?
  • Saitama's bald head is brighter than my future.

13) What's your honest opinion about me??? (that probably sounded selfish sorry sorry ;;w;; )
  • You are a beautiful person and though I don't know you that well, let me love you my friend c':

.: My Questions :.

  1. When did you start MMD?
  2. Which is your primary/most active fandom?
  3. What do you think about the behavior of this particular fandom?
  4. At any point of time, did you want to leave?
  5. What other fandoms do you enjoy being a part of?
  6. Just for fun, name some of your favourite characters. (1 from each fandom you mentioned)
  7. This one's random and you don't have to do it, but make a picture of one of them and tag me, I wanna see XD
  8. I am running out of ideas.
  9. Tell me your favourite MMD model and what you like about it.
  10. Are there any fandoms we have in common?
  11. What do you think about my MMD work so far? (My videos/pictures/etc.)
  12. If I were to ask you for an MMD video/picture series collab, would you accept? 
  13. Say anything about me you want to over here XD

Tags :

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  • Listening to: College Lectures
  • Reading: Yaoi
  • Watching: Gintama 2017
  • Playing: LoL and MysMes
  • Eating: Take a guess
  • Drinking: My haters salty tears


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Welcome to MMD-x-Yuri-On-Ice~! I hope you have great time and great fun here[ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: And we are glad to have you here[ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: 
xXChibi-SenpaiXx Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017
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Thank you--
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You're welcome, oh my-

I just wanted to say that you are awesome ;; Gyah-
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 No-- I'm just flattered-  
thank you very much--
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